Hedgehog Game

Hedgehog Game

Play easy HEDGEHOG GAME is very fun and addictive adventure game for android cell phone for free, use the catapult to launch the Hedgehog to her gurney, collect gold coins, flowers and mushrooms, and avoid obstacles. Experience more realistic physics engine, and enjoy the fun of jungle. New easy Hedgehog Game is suitable for all ages (children, kids, kindergarten, teen, adolescent and adult)

There are many variety items in your cellphone or tablet game screen. The Hedgehog wants to eat the eatable items and avoid the bad items by rolling over and over forward. The forward direction is controlled by leaning the device to right or left. The forward speed is on the decrease gradually. Then it is possible to increase the speed by releasing the gas of Hedgehog.

Clear all the Hedgehog Game easy and your score will skyrocket. The more you play, the wilder it gets. Hedgehog Speed has 27 levels of fun, complete with rocket bumpers, shooting stars and spiky giants.
It’s a casual arcade game that’s infinitely playable and totally engrossing.

 Hedgehog Game

The user android interface of Hedgehog Game easy is very simple and friendly to all users, so download Hedgehog Game now, tell us about it. Come play Hedgehog easy game now on your cell phones, it’s Plain and simple pure fun.

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